Parker Madicine (IT)

Parker Madicine (IT)


Parker Madicine, from an early age, could have been defined as a flaneur of old vinyl shops. The young artist could often be seen strolling around secondhand black wax vendors, seeking for rarities to add to his everlasting collection. It was in this same period when he started experimenting and making beats with an Akai S950 sampler and an Atari 520 ST computer, crediting artists such as Bob James and Deodato as his major inspiration: crafting his unique style which is at the basis of his own imprint CT-HI Records. The newly born label, portraying Detroit boogie atmospheres, bass loaded electronic music future beats and a genuine deep love for golden age hip hop, is a love letter to the mid 80’s production held so dearly by the Milan native artist. One of his previous aliases, Sandiego, also holds a record as being the only Italian artist released by the prestigious Detroit based label Planet E.




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