Turbojazz (IT)

Turbojazz (IT)


 Young italo-yankee Tommy, known as Turbojazz for his disco fusion cutz & bootleg edits, began to collect vinyl in the mid 90s, influenced by the Hip Hop culture that inspired him to discover the whole spectrum of black music.

From the roots of soul and jazz to hitech electronic beats, via the rarest disco grooves and old school house, his dj set is an ably steered journey into the distant past and bright unknown future. He fell into production years ago, sampling his entire record library on an MPC and fusing all the best ingredients to make his cosmic sound.

A touch of dub on the low frequencies and J DIlla’s delayed claps on the beat, all harmonised with the chords of a rhodes piano or vintage synth that reaches into your soul right there in the middle of the dancefloor.




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