Contemporary Politix of Dancing EP

Artists Aeed, Parker Madicine, Turbojazz, Kae, Veez-O, Jazz Madicine
Cat CTHI004
Format Digital release
Genre Hip Hop / Future Beats
Release date June 9th, 2015

To celebrate the first year in business of their eclectic imprint, the crew behind the Milan-based CT-HI Records has decided to pay homage to the backbone of the project: Hip-Hop.

This forth release is in fact a mini lp composed of 7 tracks by 6 artists and 20 minutes of raw beats, 8-bit atmospheres, future sounds and bizarre interludes.

1 - Aeed 'GLDFSH'
'GLDFSH' is a dreamy and poetic future track produced by the talented Swiss based beat maker Aeed. Its funky groove is given by the melodic bassline, cinematic pad sounds on syncopated rhythm.

2 - Parker Madicine ft. Kae & Veez-O 'Looking in'
'Looking in' is a sample based track, enhanced by Kae’s soothing melodic singing. The vocal line gently hooks on the base arranged by Parker, enriched with atmospheric sidechained pads and a killer bassline.

3 - Chez Pete interlude

4 - Turbojazz 'Na Minah'
Turbojazz 'Na Minah paid a tribute to one of the hidden Brazilian blueprint. A track arranged through the intertwining of diverse sample layers and with interesting rhythmical variations. A solid Hip Hop beat ready to rock big rooms.

5 - Parker Madicine 'Mystic Blues'
Parker Madicine's 'Mystic Blues' is a fat joint built on a soul /jazz sample, that features cosmic chords sounds and a fat drum section with a finale clearly inspired by New York’s golden age.

6 - Jazz Madicine 'Bubbles'
‘Bubbles’ by Turbojazz and Parker Madicine is a mash of acid sounds, tumbling moog-ish bass lines and chords. The production is sweetened by a soothing vocal sample that will make you sway smoothly.

7 - Aeed 'Number Form'
Aeed's 'Number Form' closes the EP. The track begins with a jazzy rhodes intro, which progressively develops with rhythms and sounds inspired by west coast: p-funk basses, whistles and wood percussion.

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All rights reserved



Contemporary Theories III EP

Artists Jazz Madicine, Turbojazz, Parker Madicine, DNN
Cat CTHI003
Format Ep 12” - Vinyl 300 limited copies
Genre Deep House / Future Beats
Release date November, 18th 2014

A1 - Jazz Madicine 'M.A.S.H.'
Jazz Madicine's (the duo formed by Turbojazz and Parker Madicine) "M.A.S.H" is a killer track, full of jazz samples, powerful beats, rolling synth arps and a groovy bass.

A2 - Turbojazz 'DAT Soul'
Turbojazz with "DAT Soul", confirms his "fusion dance music" vision creating jazzy atmospheres with warm pads and progressive rhythyms. The characteristic moog bass sound gives the right feeling to the dance floor sweetened by the distorted notes of Rhodes piano.

B1 - Parker Madicine 'Exists'
Parker Madicine’s “Exists" is a cosmic/boogie production enriched with progressive soul jazz chords, fragmented bass sounds and grainy fat drum patterns, with a chopped and interpolated jazz fusion sample.

B2 - DNN 'Skunk Wave'
DNN debuts on CT-HI with "Skunk Wave". A sharpie future beat full of deep frequencies, side chains and dreamy pads.

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Contemporary Theories II EP 

Artist Various Artists
Cat CTHI002
Format Ep 12”, Vinyl 300 limited copies
Genre Future Beats / Deep House
Release date June, 30th 2014

CT-HI’s second release it’s made of a brilliant 4 tracks EP enriched with Detroit boogie, future beats and
bouncy house flavours.

A1 - Veez-O 'Residuo' (Parker Madicine Reinterpretation)
“Residuo Reinterpretation” composed by Parker Madicine himself is made of seven minutes of cosmic arps,
chopped pads played in MPC and killer basslines. A groovy and solid patter is positioning this track halfway
between the Chicago moods and the car industry city by excellence sounds - Detroit.

A2 - Veez-O 'Residuo'
“Residuo” Veez-O’s track - the talented crew's jazz player produced by Parker Madicine - is a delicate pearl
of future jazz with harmonic dreams and experimental modular synth sounds together with powerful broken

B1 - Turbojazz 'Voyage Bebop'
Turbojazz with his “Voyage Bebop”, has created a bouncy house jam with evolving rhythms, astral pads and
a heavy Korg MS20 bassline. A progressive arrangement very sophisticated in it’s details makes it the
perfect dance floor track.

B2 - Parker Madicine & Veez-O feat. Kae 'Remains To Be Seen'
In “Remains to be Seen” Kae’s fluctuant vocal melodies together with Veez-O's electrical piano plays are
molded perfectly with Parker Madicine’s production, inspired in his rhythms by the New York golden age
era. A Future Soul Hit both delicate yet powerful.

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Contemporary Theories EP

Artist Various Artists
Cat CTHI001
 Ep 12”, Vinyl 300 limited copies
Genre Future Beats / Nu Soul / Deep House
Release date February 2014

A1 - Parker Madicine ‘Life On Mars’
A cosmic journey through Detroit and boogie, bursting with harmonic development, arpeggios and subtle variations in rhythm that make this track perfect for fans of the genre. ‘Life on Mars’ is the perfect manifesto for the Detroit Boogie sound of CT-HI and its founder Parker Madicine.

A2 - Parker Madicine ‘Guess You Didn’t Know’
This neat production by Parker Madicine is made up of a splendidly arranged funk/soul vocal sample and solid, syncopated hip hop beat with warm, deep bass.

B1 - Turbojazz Ft. Kae & Erik Rico ‘Gimme What You Got’
Refined production from Turbojazz, a young producer from the CT-HI team who along with Kae on the mic and American multi-instrumentalist Erik Rico (known for his collabs with artists such Q-Tip, SA-RA, dj Spinna etc) on bass, packs up a rich production of a dreamy progressive nu-soul track.

B2 - Jazz Madicine ‘Astrocaro’
New project born of the CT-HI‘s crib: Turbojazz & Parker Madicine team up with Veezo, the label’s talented jazz pianist, to compose a track that blends future funk atmosphere, underground acid bass and Detroit cosmic pads.

B3 - Aeed ‘Bugslady’
Swiss producer Aid Copelj, aka Aeed, mixes electronica and hip hop beatz perfectly, alternating coarse vibes with dreamlike, ethereal scenarios. It’s the sound of space…

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