Contemporary Theories II EP 

Artist Various Artists
Cat CTHI002
Format Ep 12”, Vinyl 300 limited copies
Genre Future Beats / Deep House
Release date June, 30th 2014

CT-HI’s second release it’s made of a brilliant 4 tracks EP enriched with Detroit boogie, future beats and
bouncy house flavours.

A1 - Veez-O 'Residuo' (Parker Madicine Reinterpretation)
“Residuo Reinterpretation” composed by Parker Madicine himself is made of seven minutes of cosmic arps,
chopped pads played in MPC and killer basslines. A groovy and solid patter is positioning this track halfway
between the Chicago moods and the car industry city by excellence sounds - Detroit.

A2 - Veez-O 'Residuo'
“Residuo” Veez-O’s track - the talented crew's jazz player produced by Parker Madicine - is a delicate pearl
of future jazz with harmonic dreams and experimental modular synth sounds together with powerful broken

B1 - Turbojazz 'Voyage Bebop'
Turbojazz with his “Voyage Bebop”, has created a bouncy house jam with evolving rhythms, astral pads and
a heavy Korg MS20 bassline. A progressive arrangement very sophisticated in it’s details makes it the
perfect dance floor track.

B2 - Parker Madicine & Veez-O feat. Kae 'Remains To Be Seen'
In “Remains to be Seen” Kae’s fluctuant vocal melodies together with Veez-O's electrical piano plays are
molded perfectly with Parker Madicine’s production, inspired in his rhythms by the New York golden age
era. A Future Soul Hit both delicate yet powerful.

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